Smart Vısıon Fabrıc Dyeıng Machıne

Smart Vision Fabric Dyeing Machine

By means of its own advanced technology, which reduces the total energy consumption and process time while at the same time improving the quality of the fabrics. The Smart-vision can be used to process all kind of fabrics, fibres and blends. The Smart-vision offers a compact utilization by means of its own ergonomic design.

Technical speciffcation:

  • Nominal chamber capacity 225 kg
  • Smooth fabric transport via special designed transport piping
  • Patented “Direct by pass” system in between nozzle and fabric basket
  • Optimum loading capacity for light materials by means of adjustable fabric basket system. Perfect plaiting via adjustable fabric basket system
  • Auto-lubricated circulation pump
  • High performance combined filter&heat-exchanger system
  • Magnetic offowmeter
  • Differential pressure controlled pum
  • High performance stainless-steel sheet structured main pump
  • Homogeneous batch via horizontal circulation pump
  • Faster fabric transport via” higher winch speed. Maximum winch speed 550m/min
  • Patented “semi-automatic” lint filtering system
  • Gearmotor driven winch
  • Lower main pump start-up level