Every Drop of Water is Worth For Us

TOUM DENIM LLC is a denim consulting firm that provides advice to the denim washing and dyeing industry worldwide.

Denim Design Development

We can wash & develop your denim collections for you in line with your customers and timelines.

We are working alongside your existing teams, we can do this in a collaborative way with your systems and suppliers.

Expert hands work in the denim production process, leaving the mark of true craftsmanship thanks to a special attention to details.

Moreover, we have a long and extensive experiences in denim development, denim consulting, production support, training and education support and finally sustainability. Also strong competency in denim development and denim design consulting, our company also supplies denim design consulting to the market.

Toum Denim Design Academy

We offer education to the individuals and groups in the theory and practise of textile washing.( chemistry and chemical applications and principals of washing and dyeing)

Which Opportunities Does Toum Denim Offer “Denim training education”?
Ⓣ Denim Designer Training
Ⓣ Sustainability
Ⓣ Laundry Training
Ⓣ Production Process Training

Denim production support and consulting. We believe that only development process is not enough and we support you during the production transition with our denim production support.

Toum Denim & Sustainability

We believe that denim sustainability is not a fashion.It is the future of washing. That’s why we strongly focus on sustainable treatments in washing and support your facilities to change up to this sustainable systems from development to production.