Laser machine designed for doubling process productivity thanks to the dual laser source system that allows for simultaneous work on both the legs of a mannequin, with the Tonello’s signature 360° laser effect. Thanks to the dual laser source, the marking times are reduced by up to 50%. It has a solid and compact design that maximizes productivity and flexibility. It is controlled by CREA, the new laser software that offers endless creative solutions and makes every operation simple, intuitive, and rapid.


The divider is what you need if you want to double the productivity of single machines. It allows the division of the working area into two sections for alternate processes: this means faster, flexible and alternate production of garments.


Developed by designers for designers, smart, intuitive, and user-friendly. This is CREA, the laser software you won't be able to do without. It allows you to easily modify a design in an instant, and to go directly to production.

Mago Sıte Manager

Mago Site Manager virtually brings our technicians into your company! This remote assistance service allows us to intervene immediately to solve any possible problem in operating your machines. And to perform software updates from remote.


With Metro, you have the entire laundry at your fingertips! This innovative software monitors the processes of your laundry, calculating all the authentic consumption and indicating solutions to optimize and make them more efficient.