Laser machine designed by Tonello for continuous processing on a conveyor and also for traditional fixed table processing. Especially indicated for the knitwear sector, and also suitable for denim thanks to its flexibility. It is characterized by rapid and easy loading, unloading, and garment handling operations. It is controlled by CREA, the new laser software that offers endless creative solutions and makes every operation simple, intuitive, and rapid. Available in 4 different power intensities, according to operating needs.


With Metro, you have the entire laundry at your fingertips! This innovative software monitors the processes of your laundry, calculating all the authentic consumption and indicating solutions to optimize and make them more efficient.

Mago Sıte Manager

Mago Site Manager virtually brings our technicians into your company! This remote assistance service allows us to intervene immediately to solve any possible problem in operating your machines. And to perform software updates from remote.


Developed by designers for designers, smart, intuitive, and user-friendly. This is CREA, the laser software you won't be able to do without. It allows you to easily modify a design in an instant, and to go directly to production.


Does your work environment get hot throughout the year? Then Climate technology is for you. This system keeps the laser source constant and at the right temperature, ensuring unbeatable performance even in the most ex...