Water Filtration and Softener Systems

Water Softening Systems are designed to remove water hardness caused by the Calcium and magnezium, using strong cationic resins. These filters are generally the main stage of the Treatment applications.

AMF- AAC series Filters are designed to remove the suspended solids, particulate, iron, manganese and Taste, Odor, Organic Compounds, Color from the water, These filters are generally used systems at process and potable water systems.

Full Automatic Valf Systems are used. Systems which are constituted from Quartz Sand, Garnet, antracite and activated carbon obtain filtrated water under 10-20 microns. Filtration minerals are selected according to the raw water analyses. Special mineral are applied to remove Iron and Manganese

Prefered In Those Areas;

  • Full Automatic Operation
  • Pressure Vessel made from composite material
  • Minimum commissioning costs
  • Operating Temperature 4 -40 °C
  • Time Controled Backwash
  • Power Supply 220 V- 50Hz
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Capacity between 0,5- 35 m3/h

Optional Specifications

  • Special Systems for high Pressure applications
  • Galvanise or Stainless steell Tanks
  • Pressure or hardness controlled backwash
  • Stainless steell Piping
  • Electric Actuator Valves
  • High density corrosion resinted composite pressure vessels and minerals are used which are suitable for potable water apllications at AMF – AAC series Filtration systems.

The Most Used Capacity

  • 50 m3/h,
  • 100 m3/h,
  • 200 m3/h,
  • 250 m3/h,
  • 400 m3/h
  • 500 m3/h