The Most Flexible Solution For Liquid Chemical Automatic Dispensing

Considering the variety and the consumption amounts of the liquid chemicals in fabric and yarn dyeing, it is extremely difficult to handle liquid chemicals properly with operators. Wastage, misusage and miscalculation is very common and they are having direct negative influence on your production quality and cost.

ELİAR SLD Basic / SLD Capacity is offering you the best experience in liquid chemical handling with its single line chemical selection and distribution features. It is equipped with special mass weighing flowmeter, transferring pump and 3-way dispensing valves installed on SS316L pipeline to ensure the fastest chemical transfer ever achieved in textile industry.

Right on Time, Exact Amount
Record Speed, 1800 Transfer / Day
Flexible in Chemical and Dyeing Machine Quantity

One System To Cover All Liquid Chemical Requirements Of Your Dyehouse

No matter how large your dyehouse is, ELİAR SLD Basic / SLD Capacity is suitable for any size of factory with its single line chemical dispensing principle. Chemical silos allocations and connections are designed in a customised way for each project and existing chemical issuing rooms can ben utilised for automation. SLD Basic / Capacity automates 12 – 24 – 36 – 48 liquid chemicals as per your chemical quantities.