The Fastest And The Most Accurate Automation For Your Main Colors

We know that weighing, dissolving and transferring high amounts of powder dyestuffs (especially in primary colors) are very critical for your textile dyehouse.

Uninterrupted Dispensing
Repetable Quality

RDD; thanks to its innovative “Continuous Weighing, Dissolving and Dispensing System” it can dispense the dyestuff uninterruptedly without waiting and dividing into small portions and thus it is the fastest dyestuff automation ever built.

The Fastest And The Most Accurate
Automation For Your Main Colors

RDD carries out weighing and dissolving operations simultaneously while taking the powder dyestuff out from its silo in the flow direction. It ensures accelarated dyestuff preparation with integrating the processes and weighing, dissolving and dispensing the dyestuff at the same time.

By this means maximum transferring speed and capacity is granted. Unlike the conventional systems, you have the freedom to dispense all powder dyestuff stored in its silo in one go without any interruption, as you are not limited to the capacity of your dispensing tank.

Designed with ELİAR engineering and assurance, RDD is the state of art outcome of 35 years of experience in automation field. ELİAR, as one of the leading actors worldwide with its range of automation products for textile industry, now aims to solve bulk dyestuff weighing, dissolving and dispensing problems of dyehouse owners with RDD.