Practical Storage – Precise Weighing – Compact Design

Cleaning and tidiness of your dyestuff weighing room is as important as the sensitivity in preparations you are achieving. It has been proven that the order in the dyestuff room is having very significant positive effect in better preparation of the recipe.

Neat and Clean
Risk Prevention


Paternoster and TBT is the most economical and cost-effective solution for powder dyestuff storage and weighing.

is equipped with very durable and stiff structure, inverter controlled and chain drive electric motor, high bearing capacity shelves, integrated and mobile (on a linear rail) scale set and installed with embedded software as well as integration availability with any 3rd party recipe software.

When the dyestuff recipe is created, it automatically directed to Paternoster and TBT. As the system has the information of the location of the dyestuff boxes on the shelves, it vertically rotates and brings the right shelf which is carrying first dyestuff of the recipe and signalisation light indicates the horizontal position of the required dyestuff.

Designed with ELİAR engineering and assurance, Paternoster and TBT are the state of art outcomes of 35 years of experience in automation field. ELİAR, as one of the leading actors worldwide with its range of automation products for textile industry, is offering cost effective and practical help for powder dyestuff weighing operations with the aim of faster and safer dyeing processes.