High Technology Robotic System

Preparation of the recipe in the laboratory is the first step of the dyeing process. At this stage, the right colors and chemicals must be combined with high precision. LAB 120 automatic lab dispensing system is specially designed with high technology to match the highest precision requirements for laboratory processes.

Automatic Calibration
Compatible with Industry 4.0
The Highest Precision


Different colours are applicable
to match your requirements.

LAB 120 has varying dyestuff capacity, 40, 80, 120 or even 160 different colours are applicable to match your requirements. It is equipped with Automatic Self Calibration System and thus, after each recipe it calibrates itself to maintain the same precision and repeatability. It performs total 900 dispensing vith 12 simultaneous weighing. All risks of impurity and failures are eliminated thanks to individual injectors for each dyestuff bottle.

LAB 120, designed by ELİAR’s engineering and assurance, is the state of art result of 35 years experience. Eliar, as one of the leading actors worldwide with its range of automation products for the textile industry. Developed LAB 120 makes the dyeing recipe preparation process faster and precise.