High-temperature, high-pressure machines especially suitable for dyeing garments in polyester and mixed materials.

They are also available in the UP version, which allows for a substantial reduction of the liquor ratio (LR 3:1).

Equipped with a spin-cycle appropriate for synthetic and mixed materials.

Models: G1 160 LP – G1 300 LP – G1 510 LP


DyeMate is the new Tonello, patent-pending technology that revolutionizes and reinterprets the traditional indigo garment dyeing process, taking it to a new evolutionary stage and making it automatic and repeatable, efficient and sustainable.


With Metro, you have the entire laundry at your fingertips! This innovative software monitors the processes of your laundry, calculating all the authentic consumption and indicating solutions to optimize and make them more efficient.

Mago Sıte Manager

Mago Site Manager virtually brings our technicians into your company! This remote assistance service allows us to intervene immediately to solve any possible problem in operating your machines. And to perform software updates from remote.


The UP patented technology is your number one choice in reducing water consumption during washing processes. It brings the liquor ratio to never-seen-before levels (LR 2:1), reducing energy, times, and costs.