The G1 HW3 series identifies the Tonello washing machines with high-speed spin-cycle.

Among the main advantages: reduced consumption, compact size, flexibility, and the possibility of installing all the most recent devices and applying the latest finishing technologies developed by Tonello for treating ready-made garments.

Suitable for all types of washes and various finishing treatments for garments, and especially indicated for treating jeans. They are equipped with a drum that uses special beaters to speed-up the process and guarantee the uniformity of the treatment.

Models: G1 130 HW3 – G1 200 HW3 – G1 325 HW3 – G1 420 HW3 – G1 510 HW3


The Core system allows you to create a fine mist inside the drum in order to achieve uniform or contrasting effects on garments. It also dramatically reduces water consumption and allows for the application of a wide ...


With Metro, the entire laundry is at your fingertips! This innovative software monitors your laundry processes, calculating all authentic consumption and providing suggestions to optimize them and make them more effic...


With the NoStone® system, you can say goodbye to pumice stone forever. The system features a removable stainless steel abrasive drum that covers the inside of the washer cylinder, giving the same effect as a stone-wash. ​

Mago Sıte Manager

Mago Site Manager virtually brings our technicians into your company! This remote assistance service allows us to intervene immediately to solve any possible problem with the operation of your machines, and to carry o...


Patented UP technology is the number one choice for reducing water consumption during wash processes. It brings the liquor ratio to unprecedented levels (LR 1:2), reducing energy, time and cost.


Wake is the first patented, and totally natural, dyeing system that uses only plants and vegetable waste, such as flowers, berries, peels and roots, that have been allowed to dry and infused, without the addition of h...


From a long research work, an innovative concept: to reduce consumption and improve performance. Tonello's new ozone finishing system wins in ease of use and maintenance, efficiency and flexibility. Introducing EGO, t...