The G1 HW series of sampling washing machines includes three models conceived to respond to different sampling needs without ever giving up Tonello’s quality. These machines are equipped with a high-speed spin-cycle and are suitable for sampling different washing processes. The machines are equipped with a series of the latest generation of microprocessor controllers and a Touch Screen.

Models: G1 16 HW – G1 35 HW – G1 60 HW

Mago Sıte Manager

Mago Site Manager virtually brings our technicians into your company! This remote assistance service allows us to intervene immediately to solve any possible problem in operating your machines. And to perform software updates from remote.


With Metro, you have the entire laundry at your fingertips! This innovative software monitors the processes of your laundry, calculating all the authentic consumption and indicating solutions to optimize and make them more efficient.


The Core system lets you create a fine mist inside the drum, resulting in uniform or contrasted effects on the garments. It also drastically reduces water usage and allows for the application of a wide range of products through controlled nebulization.


With the NoStone® system you can forever say goodbye to pumice stone and its limits. The system involves a removable abrasive stainless steel “plate” covering the inside of the washing machine drum. It gives the same effect as the stone-wash.