Convertible Type Scraping Machine (Horizontal & Vertical)

Produced by Metod Machine. It gives you a chance to use this machine in two forms as vertical and horizontal when needed. It also takes just two minutes to change from vertical to horizontal.There is a plc and air filling system which is controlled by two buttons on the robot. There are two more buttons for left and right turning also.This system is automatic and can be used for scraping or brushing.

The Benefits of the Robot;

– Automatic air filling to avoid bursting rubber

– Automatic air discharging end of scraping

– The legs of robot are automatically turned left and right by the PLC

– The support piston is automatically up and down

– Possibility to set size between two legs

– It is easy to change rubber when it is needed

– System Requirements: 380V 50 Hz / 6 bar air

– Pressure inside the Rubber Tube : 150 – 200 mbar

– Air & Electricity Consumption : Around 40 It. air per pant — 200 watt/h