Spray And Chemical Application Cabinets

Eco-Friendly Professional Spray and Chemical Application Cabinets

The construction of chemical application cabinet consists of 304 & 316 Cr-Ni stainless steel panels. The main pool is made of 2,5 mm 316 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel. The top pool, the water curtain and filtra-tion tank having a thickness of 1,5 mm and side panels are made of 1 mm 304 Cr-ni Stainless steel. In this system, the air is flushed by the nozzles.

Spray and Chemical Application Cabinets without Platform

There is a double filtration system for the water, which is carried by the pump from the bottom tank to the one located on top of the cabinet. By this double filtration system, the impurity of water is prevented. The water used in the system is discharged by an emptying valve.

Spray And Chemical Application Cabinets With Conveyor

The cabinet system using in this system is designed in accordance with the customer demands as Eco-Friendly Professional or Semi Professional Cabi-net. In case of choosing The Semi Professional, The Conveyor System is made from Webb Type Conveyor and in case of choosing Eco-Friendly Cardanic Type, ( Cardan Shaft) Conveyor is being chosen.

Robotic Spraying System / Hawk-Eye

In conventional spraying systems, daily capacities and all of related consumptions for chemical, energy, water etc. vary in every laundry since the chemical amount to be applied, application time and similar factors are depending on operator.