Chemical Application Systems And Accessories

Meto-Flow (Magic Box)

As binding to the washing machine, this system is used to coat the denim jeans or any other textile garments in the drum with the chemicals or etc. to be sprayed into the drum during the tumbling of the garments. And also Meto-Flow minimises all risk to be occured due to the human errors.

What can you do with Meto-Flow?

There is not any limit for the chemicals or processes to be applied. The only constraint is that the mixture is liquid & fluid.

The main purpose of the all above processes is spraying of the chemical mixture by atomization with compressed air onto the garments in the drum and expelling of the remain excess & unbound chemicals from the drum.


It was developed for use of the companies in textile sector mostly for denim garments, fabric and so on.

With 1/1000 precision, the dosing capability of the system for the chemical to be sprayed on the fabric is between 0,008 lt/min. to 12 lt/min. and can meet all expectations base on liter/time curves/scenarios.

Comparing to the conventional systems, the main purpose is to reduce the chemical, dyestuff and/or water consumptions as much as possible by adapting to the washing/dyeing machines and to contribute to all ecosystem.

Thanks to the special injector that is used in the system, very little chemical/dyestuff can be applied between desired time ranges and thus more homogenious distribution can be achieved as well as by using very less chemical/dyestuff. And also thanks to the tank heating option, the congelation of dyestuff and similat suff is prevented and keeping in ready to use anytime.

Metozon Machine

In Conventional Systems, some processes like Ageing, Bleaching, Anti-Backstaining, Desizing so on bring high financial burden to laundries for costs of chemical, water, energy and as well as water treatment.

We, as Metod Makine aim to realise all above-mentioned processes at possible minimum costs by Metozone that we developed upon heavy demands of our customers and to contribute to both our customers and environment in term of sustainable production.

metO3zone is suitable and can be used for wet, moist and dry processes.

Chemical Dosage System

Chemical Dosing System consists of dosage pump, spray, gun, dosage unit and hose pipe connection sections. The resin or chemicals with small particles are loaded in the dosage unit and the chemical amount that would be applied onto the garment is adjusted from the unit. With the help of dosage pump, the chemicals are conveyed to the spray gun.

The main advantage of this system is that the chemical application is done equally on each garment as the spraying mechanism is operated automatically, on quantity basis, without the sprayer’s control.

Addition-ally, with this system, there is no physical effort required from the spraying person, as there is no tank at the top of the spray gun. This also effects the quality of work done so much. This system is running with air only, no electricity is required. The capacity of Chemical Dosage System is 400 CC.

Permanganate Application System

Thanks to its high volume and ability to move up-down, the PP Application system provides the possibility and easiness in applying the chemical for a long time with one full of tank in the chemical application process.

Pressure Tank With Mixer

Total System Pressure:
4 bar (Spray Gun: 0.5 bar, Mixer: 3.5 bar)

Diameter of 20 It. Pressure Tank With Mixer:38 cm. Inside is stainless steel, outside is galvanized. Suction unit, mixer shaft and cover are made of galvanized.

Diameter of 40 It. Pressure Tank With Mixer:38 cm. Inside is stainless steel, outside is galvanized. Suction unit, mixer shaft and cover are made of galvanized.

Diameter of 50 It. Pressure Tank With Mixer:45 cm. It is all made of stainless steel.